Good God, actors' websites are dreary affairs, aren't they? Nauseating collisions between false modesty, narcissism and desperation. I'm not a fan of actors generally. We too readily conform to stereotypes when thrust together. Conversations often become competitively self-pitying or tediously sycophantic.


I really detest lying to people, it makes me squirm. Which is not to say I enjoy being brutally honest, I don't, but I do try to give direct answers to direct questions without deception. I value that quality in others too. I dislike 'networking' for similar reasons. It often feels underhand and slimy. Most actors' websites feel that way too, I think, so I'll attempt to minimise that sensation in the following:

I've been bloody lucky in my career. I've worked with some exceptional, world-class theatre and film makers on some extraordinary projects, alongside hundreds of wonderful performers. I'm as good as I am because of the people I've worked and trained with

I was born in a charming, country village called London, in England. It was all fields back then. I fell into musical theatre at a young age. An audition panel consisting of Sam Mendes, Lionel Bart and Sir Cameron Mackintosh gave me my first professional job - Oliver in 'Oliver!' I was 10. Since then I've had a mad, varied career.


In recent years I've discovered a love of 'immersive theatre' - a realm of the industry that I had initially turned my nose up at (I generally hate actors 'doing acting' directly at me). I've wittered on about it quite extensively in interviews, so I'll keep it brief here. All I'll say is that when it's good, it's utterly transcendent, for audience members and performers alike, and most excitingly of all, it's still in its infancy. I intend to keep returning to it whenever projects look interesting.

If you're perusing this site because you recognise me from something, here are some recent or well-attended possibilities:

You may have seen me playing Tybalt in Secret Cinema's ROMEO + JULIET, or Toulouse-Lautrec in Secret Cinema's MOULIN ROUGE! Perhaps you know me from THE WOMAN IN BLACK in da West End, as the Frog King from PHILIP PULLMAN'S GRIMM TALES or as Frodo in THE LORD OF THE RINGS? Perhaps you've no idea who I am whatsoever.

Whatever brings you to my site, you are most welcome. Stay a while. Gaze upon my head. Judge me. Smile at me. Frown at me. Wave at my face on your screen - I've installed an app that allows me to remotely stare through my digital web-eyes at anyone viewing this page. Hello you, I like what you've done with your hair. Okay, bye.

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